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Photo Thron Ullberg (detail)

This site consists mainly of pictures - understandable in any language. However, it also includes texts about my way of working and current and earlier projects. On this page, you find a short introduction in English.

about Ralf
I produce sculptures and drawings for exhibitions and on commission. The sculptures are mainly of wood or cast in bronze.

My method of working has been built up over a long time. I have tried a lot of techniques and means of expression through the years, leading up doing what I´m doing at present. I have increasingly tended to work on themes. A simple idea jotted down on a sketchpad can turn out to be something worth developing - in some cases growing into a theme that can keep me occupied for years. When I get to the point when I can´t go any further there is, hopefully, another theme waiting to be developed.

small creature (liten på jorden)
I have been working on this theme for several years. Despite what might seem to be narrow limitations, to me it´s a theme with great content. Public reactions indicate that these small creatures lead to a great spectrum of associations. Of course, each one deals with aspects of human behaviour.

These small sculptures are created from wood with a thin coating of egg oil tempera. They are put together using lots of smaller pieces in order to get the wood grain in the right direction and make it possible to carve the limbs as slender as desired.
For me, the challenge is to make very small sculptures with maximum content, expression, sincerity and dignity.

The small creature drawings (teckningar) originate from the concept of the sculptures. Initially, they were "accessories" to the sculptures, but later started living lives of their own.

Besides the long-lasting themes, I work with individual single sculptures and themes that are not so extensive.
Photos above are from the exhibition "Mixed feelings", sculptures and drawings based on old children toy figures and glossy scraps.

My commissioned works (uppdrag) can sometimes be very different from the exhibition pieces.
The Nils Holgersson sculpture was made to celebrate that 100 years have passed since Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf´s book first was published. Placed in Karlskrona.
In 2007 I was commissioned to produce a wooden sculpture, Sankta Maria for a church.
I have made små varelser (little creatures), 6 bronze sculptures for the Trelleborg city park and produced several sculptures for children environment.

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Ralf Borselius. Vallby 81. SE27656 Hammenhög. Sweden